About Me

Hey Everyone!  I’m a 30 something lady living in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Unfortunately and luckily at the same time, in late 2014 I was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease.  I had heard the phrase “Gluten Free”, but I really had no idea what Celiacs Disease was.

About a year and a half prior, after playing several hockey games, I had to go to the Emergency Room where they determined my Calcium was extremely low and my Iron wasn’t much better.  I eat a pretty hefty diet, so it was odd for my numbers to be so low.  So, I left with the instructions to take Calcium and Iron supplements.  Right around the same time I noticed that I started dropping weight and over the next year and a half it continued to drop.

In September 2014 I had standard blood work done and my Cholesterol numbers were aligned with those that had malnutrition.  I was also pretty tired most of the time and sick more often than most people. I had also lost about 15 pounds in about a year and a half.  Not too long after that I went to the doctor with a severe pain in my stomach, what I would think would be similar to an ulcer.  My doctor took blood work at that time and my calcium and iron were still very low, even though I was taking supplements for both.  My doctor recommended I see a Gastroenterology specialist.

She suggested the idea that it might be Celiacs and then had me go for a Endoscopy to confirm.  Endoscopy and blood test confirmed that I was positive for Celiacs Disease.

There currently isn’t a cure, the only fix is a gluten free diet.  I’ve been gluten free since December 2014 and am feeling great.  In the first 6 months I had gained about 13 pounds and my fatigue had improved.  I also am not as sick as often either.  I consider myself really lucky because 10 years ago, I don’t think they might have suggested to test for Celiacs, also I don’t think there would be as many Gluten Free options out there either.

I love to cook and had been considering starting a food blog for awhile, but right before I picked my Domain Name I found out I was going to be “Gluten Free”, so EatDrinkandBeMerryGlutenFree.com started!

Thank you for visiting and please provide feedback and comments, I want to know how I’m doing!